Vancouver’s Place for Blending Function and Fashion

Vancouver’s Place for Blending Function and Fashion

Adaptive Comfort Clothing

“We try to be colourful,” Josie says, adding that her goals for Adaptive Comfort Clothing are to offer modern styles that also accommodate functional necessity. “We try to use fabrics that will live up to the care facility washings, because they use very hot water... and they dry them very high.”

Sometimes she'll get requests for specific garments that clients used to enjoy wearing but can't anymore because of their need for more adaptive items. For example, Josie has done special orders for cowboy shirts and jeans. She says she's happy to work with customers to meet their needs and tastes, and it comes down to finding ways to incorporate the adaptive function into each item. Josie says she designs shirt openings off to the side, rather than on the spine, because her customers are sometimes stationary for long periods and a poorly-placed fabric flap can become quite uncomfortable.

The Value of Stylish Senior Clothing

Josie believes clothing for seniors isn't always fashionable or functional for their lifestyle, and that needs to change. When elderly or people with mobility issues are able to dress well, she says “they feel better and look happier.” And it's not just for seniors but also their families who are deeply invested in the well-being of their relatives.

She sees this need all the time with new customers who come into Adaptive Comfort Clothing and are unsure of how to meet some fairly unique needs. “When people come into the store, we have a conversation... If there's any information they need, we try to talk to them about where they can find that information.” Josie's personal experience with her mother helps her relate to those going through similar situations, and her ability to transform functional clothing into the kinds of garments people want to wear keeps her customers happy.

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