Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you make custom clothes?

No, we manufacture ready-to-wear garments.

Will it shrink?

Nursing home laundries can be more rigorous than a home washer and dryer. Clothing may be washed more frequently at higher temperatures normally recommended.

Cotton blends, cotton and flannel can shrink up to 10%. Roughly about 1.5"

Are adaptive clothing tax reduced?

Yes, under a medical prescription, the purchase of adaptive clothing is eligible for an exemption from federal and provincial taxes. Keep your receipt to file with your annual taxes.

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) considers adaptive clothing to be a zero-rated supply, meaning it is taxed at 0% if a medical practitioner deems it is a necessary supply. Adaptive clothing, known as specially designed clothing, is listed as a Medical and Assistive Device. The CRA explains that "a supply of clothing that is specially designed for use by an individual with a disability is zero-rated when the clothing is supplied on the written order of a medical practitioner for use by a consumer named in the order. [...]". For more information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Did you loose your recieipt? Please get in touch by email or phone and we’d be happy to provide you with duplicate receipts by email.

I bought it online, how can I exchange or return?