Hello! We are Adaptive Comfort Clothing. Welcome.

Made with love, for the ones you love.

Adaptive Comfort Clothing is a special needs lifestyle brand created for individuals who need assistance dressing. Since 2014, our mission has been to provide back opening clothing that gives ease and comfort for men and women.

Manufactured Locally.

Our small batch collections are manufactured Vancouver, B.C.

We began by selling special needs clothing clothing out of a small North Vancouver storefront in 2014. Since then we've quickly expanded into designing and manufacturing our own clothing, with a focus on comfort and quality. Today, strive on producing cotton based , focusing on assisted living residents who no longer can dress themselves.



Our Founder

When  owner Josie Delgiglio spoke to the company's former owner, she wasn't primarily thinking of taking over the business. Instead she was interested in finding a clothing solution for her mother. “She became an amputee due to an infection in the hospital,” Josie says. “I found that trying to dress her in pants and make her look proper was a difficulty.”

Looking for the appropriate clothes turned out to be a lot harder than Josie thought it would be. But with her background in fashion design and technology, she was able to see the gap in adaptive clothing as a great opportunity to provide the public with products she wanted to see herself.

“I grew up in a senior facility,” she says. “My mother had a care facility and I saw the way people came to life when they came to stay with her.” That connection stayed with Josie and led her to Adaptive Comfort Clothing.